Wow, a page on a DJ website dedicated to fundraising events? You bet! I’m pleased to donate my services to many worthwhile charity or promotional events.

I guarantee that my appearance, music, and equipment are appropriate to whatever audience we may be performing for. I focus on the same goals you do. If you’re promoting something, I’ll use whatever I have to help promote it! If you’re raising funds, I’ll offer my time, experience, and expertise to help you raise the most money for your cause!

And what’s more, I have the equipment necessary to handle very large events.

When hiring a professional DJ for your fund raiser or promotional event, it is important to focus on quality entertainment. Need background music? I’m experienced with genres from jazz to modern adult contemporary hits. Planning an event that includes a section of time dedicated to the dance floor? A high energy, club-like atmosphere is sure to have your attendees walking away with huge smiles on their faces!

Crystal Sound knows just how hard it is to plan these events, and understands how important it is for you to make the night successful and exciting. I’ll work with you to ensure that every detail is planned out.

Promoters, Agents, Event Coordinators, Council Members, and Charity Board Members, please feel free to contact me to get your free quote, and to check availability of one of the hardest working, most entertaining DJ companies around!